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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 12 - July 18 - Something that you miss

Since I’ve moved from St. Louis to London, there are tons of things that I miss.

I miss my family and friends.

I miss my cats.

I miss driving.

I miss Taco Bell.

I miss free refills.

I miss air conditioning.

I miss a free zoo.

I miss vacations in Minnesota.

I miss some TV shows.

I miss how cheap everything is there.

Even though I miss a lot, I’d miss Ben if I left London. And that’s worth staying for.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11 - July 17 - The last book you read

The last book I finished was American Psycho. I love the film, and it’s evident that the book would be a brilliant and engaging read.

The last book I read (and am still reading) is The Monuments Men. I wanted to see this film, but never got around to it when it was in the cinema. Also, movie tickets in London are really pricey, so I hadn’t convinced myself to pay for it yet. So I decided to read the book first and I’ll get to the film later.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10 - July 16 - Daily routine

My routine is completely out of whack at the moment, because my classes have broken up for a few weeks. Ben and I will be going to St. Louis in two weeks, so I’ve spent most of my mornings finding and applying for jobs when I finish my course, as well as building my CV and portfolio. I’ve also been playing our holiday, which will include a Cardinals baseball game, a mini road trip to Memphis and lots of food! I try to be tidy, so my day also includes cleaning up, doing the dishes, and going to the store to find something to make for dinner. Then I’ll meet Ben at the pub for a bit when he gets off work, followed by going home for dinner and a film. I can’t wait to be back in classes when I’ll have a more concrete schedule, and I can finally write my dissertation.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9 - July 15 - What’s on your life list/bucket list?

I love this prompt because I think about it all of the time. Some of the things on my bucket list are big and some are small. Some of them are about travel, some are materialistic and some are about life.

Being a massive ice hockey fan, I’ve always wanted to have season tickets to my hometown team, the St. Louis Blues. However, now that I live in London, I suppose that’s not quite probable anymore!

Related, I’d like to attend an Olympics games, preferably a winter one, so that I can go to a hockey game! It’s a good thing that they announce where the Olympics will be held so far in advance, so that I can a) choose somewhere I’d really like to visit and b) save money.

My top three travel destinations would be Egypt, Greece and Norway. I love studying the ancient world and seeing the remnants up close and personal in Egypt and Greece would be absolutely sublime. In Norway, I’d love to take a cruise of the fjords. It looks so beautiful in pictures, but I bet it’s magnificent to see it for real.

I also can’t wait to have my own dog to walk and play with. I’d like my own home office with a corner desk. I also want a Mini Cooper, either in black or bone with black stripes. Lastly, on this material list that I feel like I should be addressing to Santa, I’d like a really nice globe. I’ve always loved maps and globes and can look at them for hours. It’s got to be correct though, because I’ve seen ones with incorrect information…whaaat? Also, I want the sea to be black and the land to be in colour. It’s just one of those things I got in my head when I was young and I won’t let it go. It’ll be quite expensive, but that’s what makes me want to work for it even more.

But more than anything, I’ve only ever wanted my dream job and true love. I’ve found one of these, so looks like I just need the job now.

It’s a wonderful feeling to check things off your bucket list - that’s why it’s a good idea to have smaller goals as well as grand dreams. For instance, when I was young, I had always asked my mother if I could adopt a zoo animal for my birthday. I never got the privilege, but just last week, I took matters into my own hands and adopted an Amur leopard from the World Wildlife Fund. It’s not a life-changing experience, but the satisfaction of checking something off your list is incredible.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8 - July 14 - Biggest pet peeve

Lack of spacial awareness/respect

When I lived in the states, my biggest pet peeve was terrible drivers. I used to get so mad at people who would take driving so lightly and not care that they’re basically driving in a metal killing machine, going 70mph, really close to other metal killing machines - you have to pay attention. Too many have died from stupid mistakes and carelessness.

While this still bugs me, my current biggest pet peeve is people’s lack of spacial awareness or just plan respect when walking. There are a lot of people in London, so sometimes space is limited, but there IS room for everyone. When people just walk slowly in the middle of the pavement, or a group of four girls all walk side by side, I go mad. Or, here’s my personal favourite: when I’ve got a bag of shopping on my side and I shift my half of the way and they don’t do their half and my bag hits them and they turn around and say something to me. Hello?! I’m not asking them to lay out a red carpet for me, but just do the same as I have for you. It’s a complete lack of respect and common courtesy, and I hate dealing with it every freaking day. 

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